Contact one of our communities or call the Brandywine Communities office to make an appointment to tour an apartment. All adults in the household must fill out a brief application and submit an application fee, which covers credit and criminal background checks. If your income, legal history, and landlord references meet the rental criteria requirements, we will welcome you to join us.

Yes, there is an application fee of $25 for each individual over 18 years of age. This fee covers credit, rental history, and criminal background checks.

We want to see a history of financial responsibility particularly as it relates to housing and utilities.

The cost of monthly rent, utilities and expenses add up! We don’t want to see you get in over your head, so we generally look for your household income to be at least three times the monthly rent amount. That means if the rent is $600/month, your household income should be approximately $1,800 per month. Income requirements vary from community to community so speak with a Leasing Specialist for more details.

If your income is insufficient, we may still approve your application if you get someone with sufficient income and a good credit history to guarantee they will pay the rent if you do not. This is often called a co-signer. They would co-sign your rental contract, making them equally responsible for rent, damages, etc. The individual will be required to complete the rental application and pay the $25 application fee to run the credit and criminal background check.

You must pay the first month’s rent plus a security deposit. Security deposits are typically one or two month’s rent and are dependent upon credit and criminal verification and rental history. The deposit is held until you move out and may be used to pay for damages beyond normal wear and tear. You will receive an itemized breakdown of its use and the balance due to you typically three to four weeks after your residency officially ends.

Some of our communities do allow pets. Look for the pet icon on the specific property page or contact our Leasing Office. Number of pets, breed, and weight restrictions may be considered. A pet deposit is required.

Utilities included in monthly rent vary by community. Look for the icons indicating what is included on each specific property page or contact our Leasing Office.

We get it! Your plans may change and you have to move before your lease is up. Unlike most landlords, we will not require you to pay full lease term. Instead, you will forfeit your security deposit and pay a required exit fee of one or two months’ rent, depending on your community. You do need to provide 30 days’ advance notice of your intent to leave.

Most communities have pay-per-use coin and card-operated laundry facilities onsite. Look for the icons indicating what’s included on each specific property page or contact our Leasing Office.

One time and recurring monthly payments can be made online through our Resident Portal. We accept both ACH payments and credit/debit cards. Fees may apply depending on payment type.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. There is a late fee for rent received after the 5th of the month. If you know you will be late, please call the Brandywine Communities Office. Our team will attempt to create payment arrangements so you can keep from falling further behind. If no payment arrangement is made or a tenant fails to keep a payment arrangement, we will begin the legal process which could result in eviction.

We have 24-hour on-call emergency services. The number for your community will be provided when you move in. Our technicians will respond during off-hours only if you have no heat, a plumbing or sewage leak that may damage property, no electricity, or a condition that may cause a fire. All other routine maintenance will be promptly addressed during normal business hours. Residents can complete maintenance requests via our Resident Portal.