Brandywine Communities cares about the health of you and your family.

We are committed to doing everything we can to help our residents in our communities that might be affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). First and foremost, yours and your family’s health are our primary concern. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are able to avoid the effects of this virus.

We’re open by appointment only.

We believe it’s our duty as an ethical business to do what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19, care for our staff and minimize the impact on our hardworking healthcare professionals. As such, we have decided to temporarily operate our North Versailles office by appointment only.

Our staff is still available by phone 8a to 6p at 412.823.9223. Please reach out to us if you need assistance related to your rental account. Our Rental Office team is standing by to review your account and potential options to help during this time. If in-person assistance is required, our team can schedule an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are taking steps at Brandywine Communities to stem the impact on our operations. It’s important we all take precautions to prevent the spread of germs during this outbreak.

  • Update Your Contact Information: It’s important that we have accurate contact information for each of our residents. Please contact your Property Manager or our Rental Office to ensure we have an email address for you and that your phone number is accurate. Both are critical as we’re using email and text alerts to notify residents in the event of a confirmed COVOD-19 case at your property.
  • Follow CDC Guidelines: Remain calm and continue to follow the guidelines issued by the CDC and other health officials including frequent handwashing, maintaining social distancing and wearing a protective mask when in common areas.
  • Keep Yourself Safe: If you develop COVID-19 symptoms please seek proper medical advice and refer to the CDC, the Allegheny County Health Department and your doctor for information on how to proceed. Free COVID-19 testing is available in Allegheny County via
    • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water for at least 20 seconds, cleansing all parts of your hand, including under your fingernails. If soap and water is not available use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
    • Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose and mouth. If you do need to touch your face wash your hands before and after. If you wear contact lenses or you use eye drops wash your hands before putting your contacts or eye drops in and immediately after; the same holds true when taking your contacts out. Wash your hands before and after removal.
    • If you must take public transportation maintain social distancing (at least six feet) as much as possible.
    • Keep your counter tops, hard surfaces, and other high touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, and walkers clean and disinfected. Be aware of the surfaces you touch and wash your hands after contact with these and other high-touch surfaces.
    • Do not share food with others.
  • Keep Us Informed: If you have tested positive for the virus or are advised that you may have been exposed to the virus and are presumed to be infected, please notify us immediately. Your identity and healthcare information will not be disclosed to other residents.
  • Avoid Common Areas: Do not congregate in common areas such as hallways, mailrooms, or laundry areas. Remember to follow CDC recommended social distancing guidelines and wearing a protective mask is required when you are in those spaces.

We’re committed to helping the communities we serve in good times and bad. As the CoronaVirus crisis continues to impact our community, we want to take a moment to share some of the steps we’re taking to maintain our properties, deliver responsive and high-quality service, and to support our residents during this time. Below are links to our recent Resident Newsletters.

September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

January 2021

November 2020

October 2020

July 2020


  • Pay Online: Pay via our Resident Portal using debit, credit card or checking account.
  • Payment Drop Box: Checks, cash and money orders can be deposited into the secure payment drop box located at our Rental Office (357 Lincoln Highway, North Versailles, PA). Label all payments with your name, property address, apartment number and phone number.
  • Pay By Phone: Payments can be made by calling 412.823.9223 and paying with a debit or credit card. There is no fee to pay by phone.

  • Non-Emergency: Non-emergency maintenance requests can be submitted via our website using the Resident Portal. In an effort to keep you and our staff healthy, we are prioritizing response to only critical requests at this time.
  • Emergency: If you have an emergency maintenance request (fire, flooding, plumbing, HV/AC or electrical) call 412.584.1228 or your property specific emergency maintenance line. Our maintenance team is available 24/7 in the event of a true emergency.

Please note that our staff will ask the following questions when you call for maintenance:

  • Is this a true emergency? (Example: fire, flooding, plumbing, HV/AC or electrical)
  • Is anyone in the apartment displaying symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough or fever?
  • Has anyone in the apartment come in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 during the last 14 days?
  • Is anyone in the apartment currently diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • If your answer is “no” to Question 1, (the situation is NOT a true emergency) we will document your request and respond at a later date. Please be assured that your request is serious to us and we are taking these steps to protect our residents and maintenance team from the COVID-19 virus. Our maintenance team’s number one priority at this time is keeping our communities clean and sanitized while also responding to emergency requests.
    • If your answer is ‘yes’ to Question 1 (the situation is a true emergency) and you or your family have been exposed to COVID-19 or are currently diagnosed with COVID-19, we will coordinate a response after speaking with local officials and/or the CDC. We appreciate your understanding as we work to keep our maintenance team healthy. 

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We’re sharing letters sent by Brandywine Communities’ President to Pennsylvania government officials.

We believe in the power of community.

Now more than ever, those in our community impacted by the Coronavirus need the help of us, their neighbors. We realize for many there’s an economic impact as well. We’ve compiled a list of resources to assist our community as we navigate through adjusting to life with Coronavirus.